The benefits of two photographers on your wedding day

The benefits of two photographers on your wedding day

The benefits of Two Photographers on your Wedding Day

I have always had a second photographer available to book as an add on option for my the wedding photography packages  – but I have finally decided that all wedding photography packages will now get us both!


I decided to make this change as firstly – pretty much everyone opted for this option once I discussed the huge plus this gives to your day and secondly –  I just didn’t want anyone missing out on my amazing second shooter Chrissy! 



Why a second photographer on your wedding day? 



Here are some of the benefits of having two photographers on your wedding day. 

  • Before ceremony we can capture both the bride and groom getting ready / or from the Grooms arrival making finishing touches with buttonholes and greeting guests.

  • During your ceremony we can get both angles – either side facing both the bride and groom or from the back of the church/venue too.

  • This is a biggie! It hugely speeds up your formal posed shots. Having my second shooter there with the list of group shots, lining up the next shot means everyone is straight in and out as efficiently as possible and it can really cut down the time which you will be stood around having those essential but less enjoyable shots where your jaw starts to ache a little!

  • Different angles during the posed couple shots, we can both get different shots at the same time, meaning less time posing yet more and different images

  •  We can be in two places at the same time – ok this is pretty obvious but one of us can be taking the detail shots of the room, cake and venue, whilst one of us is snapping the natural shots of you mingling with guests.  Or one of us will be taking the candid shots of guests, whilst one of us are asking family and friends if they would like any posed family photographs taken with anyone. (this is usually a very big hits with mums!) 

  • During speeches we have the top table covered and all of your guests reactions  – at the same time. 

  • Creative shots, if I need a veil throwing or extra lighting I have a pro at hand in Chrissy! 

  • This hopefully would never be an issue but its good to know that between us we have 5 cameras, a bag full of lenses, speedlights, endless batteries and memory cards. We are well covered as we have back up equipment for the back up equipment!  

An image taken by me at the front of the church

An image taken by my assistant from the back of the church during the same wedding

Hopefully that explains a little on how a second photographer can really add to your wedding day. And especally when you have two photographers who know each other and work well together – and after almost 3 years of working together at weddings me and Chrissy have it to a T! We seem to know each others move without saying a word. 

See the ‘kind words’ section on the website for some feedback on weddings we have photographed together. 

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