Things to consider when booking your Wedding Photographer

Things to consider when booking your Wedding Photographer

Where to start!

There is no avoiding there so much to consider when choosing a photographer for your wedding, so hopefully this will help to guide you a little on what to think about and to consider. 

It is an important task, which is why I think it is important where possible to try and meet up with them in person.  

Your wedding photographer is one of, if not the only wedding supplier that will be with you on and throughout your wedding day, so it’s important that you can see you will get along and that they will blend in well at your wedding.



 The first thing that will attract you to a photographer – their images.

 Is their style one you like the look of? What style of edit do you like? 

Are you wanting crisp and clear images with the colours just as they were on your wedding day, or do you prefer a more heavy filtered edit or a film look? 

Is the style something you will still want and love in years to come – these images will one day be a treasured family heirloom. 

This is simply personal preference, so there is no easy answer for this one! 


For me I personally offer all images in a timeless, crisp and clear style so all of those carefully selected colours are just as they were on the day, I would prefer to look back and everything be the way it was, as you do soon forget! But this is MY personal preference and not to say any other style is not for you! 


Another important thing is to view full weddings by the photographer, seeing a couple of images online is great and gives you an idea and feel of their style, but this is a photographers shop window, this is usually the highlights – you need to see everything! 

When viewing a full wedding notice if the style of edit is consistent throughout and that images are still just as clear whether it is in a dark church or outside, you need to know they can still get your images regardless of the lighting/situation.  


So, as well as the style of images they produce, the style of shooting on the day and how they work is something to consider, speak to them to ask how they approach a wedding day. How would a typical day run photography wise?  


 How long have they been photographing weddings? 

Their experience – this will usually (not always) reflect on their pricing. 

Everyone starts somewhere so that’s not to say that there is anything wrong with choosing a less experienced photographer (if it is all your budget can fit) you may get lucky and get amazing images for half the price in which case its a win-win, but it is a risk. 


Do remember that from your wedding day the only thing you will walk away with are memories, your wedding rings and your wedding photos!   


 What’s their back up should the worst happen? 

This is not anything as a couple you want to think about – and neither the photographer! It would literally be a worst nightmare situation, BUT should the absolute worst happen and they for any reason could not make your wedding. What then?


 Personally, I offer two photographers in my wedding photography package; so if anything should happen to me you will still have another professional photographer for your day, who works in the same way as I do. 

I also have a network of local photographers who I personally know and would help out if anyone was in need! 


I imagine your head may be spinning a little after that lot! But like I said it is an important task! 


If you would like any more information or advice then do get in touch.

 I offer free consultations at my studio in Skelton High Street



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