Wedding Planning: Choosing your wedding suppliers

Wedding Planning: Choosing your wedding suppliers

Where to start?

It can be hard to know where to start when your trying to find your wedding suppliers as a quick search in google, or on social media will bring you up a large host of suppliers all offering the same/similar services. So although it can be a great way, it can be quite a time consuming one. 

Recommendations can get you off to a great start, asking friends and family who they have personally used for their wedding, and their opinions on the care and service given. 

Ask your wedding venue for which suppliers they personally deal with at their venue, or ask your already chosen suppliers of any recommendations.
I am always happy to help my couples on this as I have many suppliers I work alongside at weddings and I have every confidence in putting their names forwards.
Check out reviews on social media – if they have them switched off, this could be a warning sign.  When it comes to social media be careful of asking on social media groups, as you may not always get an honest recommendation, sometimes it can just be someone who knows someone who does what you are asking for, and not someone they have personally used. 

Wedding insurance

Don’t be afraid to ask the supplier if they have wedding insurance, every wedding professional knows they need and should have insurance and as a couple you have every right to know they do and that you are protected.



The trickiest one of all, but rest assured there will be a suppliers available to cater for all budgets.

Wedding aren’t cheap, its a known fact and as much as everyone loves a bargain, your wedding day might not be the best time one!

Know your budget.

Typically when it comes to prices in the wedding industry this will reflect on the suppliers experience, knowledge and skill in what they are offering you. If you want a quality product or experience you may have to be prepared to pay for it.

It would be really helpful for you to sit down and write a list in order of  what you consider a priority, and the most important to you. Then figure out where and how you are happy to spend your budget.

Remember sometimes if a price seems to good to be true, it might just be! So if this is the case do your research as your wedding day isn’t a time to take risks. 


Ask lots of questions

Experienced suppliers won’t mind questions as they are an expect in their field. They will no doubt of being asked a load of times before anyway, so fire away!


Do you ‘click’ ?

Even if its a wedding supplier who you won’t physically be with on your wedding day you still want someone who is approachable and understands you and what you would like for your wedding.


Lastly, go with your gut

Sometimes you just have to trust your gut. I think you will know if something just feels right and you are happy to go ahead, or if you have that inkling of not really being sure, or something not quite right.

Always trust your gut!

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