As a wedding photographer I get the pleasure of getting to know my couples and share in their day, something that not many wedding suppliers you book get to do. As a photographer will be around for most of your wedding day i think its important you find someone who will fit in with you and your guests on the day. 

I have wrote this blog so you can find out a bit more about me, to help you decide if i might be a good match for your day! 

A bit about me 

I’m Emma (Marie) I live in Guisborough which has been my home for the last 16 years, before that I was born and grew up in Stokesley. so have only ever lived in the Teesside, North Yorkshire area. 

I live with my amazing partner John, my 3 daughters Hannah, Sophie and Maddie and my partners 2 daughters and son, so 8 of us in total!  Although 6 kids sounds a lot home life isn’t that hectic, although they keep us busy their ages range from 9 to 18 so thankfully way past the toddler stage or that might have been a completely different story!  In my free time I enjoy family days out, fishing trips and the sunshine, so enjoy breaks away whenever I can squeeze any in! 

Growing up I was always one of the quieter kids in school, outside of school I was a bit of a tomboy, I loved playing football, I’d always be out on my bike or rollerblades.  As a teenager I was always into creative things, I loved writing songs and poetry, and went to a stage school on a weekend.

Initially after leaving school I went to college and studied Performing arts, but I soon realised I really didn’t like the idea of moving or constantly traveling to the bigger cities, and decided it wasn’t a career route I wished to follow. Although years later I did get to do some TV extra work in my spare time for Emmerdale and Vera which was great to do along side work!

When I become interested in photography

I first became interested in photography when my first daughter Hannah was born. I would always be taking photos of her, and it was then that I realised the importance of photographs when I saw first hand just how fast babies change and grow. Not long after she was born I decided to invest in a ‘better’ camera and started to learn what to do with it rather than just click a button. 

My early photography journey included lots of practice initially using my daughter Hannah as ‘model’ learning photoshop at college, tagging along with photographers at weddings and studio photography training days. I built up my knowledge and kit over a couple of years then finally I took the leap of faith and decided to set up as Emma Marie Photography. 

I set up my business officially in 2010, I started offering outdoor portraits and studio portraits from an attic room in my home in Guisborough. A few years after that I started photographing more weddings, and eventually that grew so much that weddings ended up taking over the majority of my work which I love.

How I work at weddings

I’m not a big, stand out-ish or loud character, I certainly don’t make the day all about me. I like to think I’m friendly and efficient where I can seamlessly blend into the scene, putting everyone at ease with a friendly vibe – all the while capturing those candid moments with ninja-like efficiency! 

I aim for you and your guests to just think of me as another friend/guest in the room which I find is key to capturing more genuine moments by becoming a trusted presence and not a disruptive one. 

As well as capturing your day naturally as it happens I am also a big advocate of making sure we get the posed family photographs and portraits of the two of you.

 I’d love to say that I work in a way that you wont know I am there and its all candid as many do, but thats not realistic as you will want those photographs with your loved ones and of course your new husband/wife, but again I do this in a way which is not disruptive and doesn’t take away too much of your day, it will naturally flow to just feel like it is part of it. 

My eldest daughter Hannah is now 16 years old and very eager to follow in my footsteps and since April 2022 has been assisting at weddings with me and is well on her way to being a very talented wedding photographer in her own right!

What I love about my job

What I love about my job as a wedding photographer is every wedding is different. Every wedding is so unique and personal to each couple. I love meeting and working with different people on what is such a joyous and happy day. I could never get bored! I am so lucky that I have got to know so many amazing people along my photography journey, many I now get to call friends! 

If you are planning a wedding, get in touch I’d love to find out more about the two of you and your day 🙂