Grinkle Park Hotel Wedding Photographer

Grinkle Park Hotel Wedding Photography

Are you looking for a professional photographer to cover your wedding at Grinkle Park Hotel in North Yorkshire? Hi, I’m Emma Marie, and I’ve written this guide to introduce myself as a Grinkle Park Hotel wedding photographer.

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Weddings at Grinkle Park Hotel

Located in Easington, Grinkle Park Hotel serves as an exquisite venue for wedding ceremonies. This Victorian-era mansion lends an air of old-world charm that couples seek for their special day. The hotel offers a variety of options for the wedding festivities which are conducted in their elegant function rooms, each providing a distinct ambiance. From intimate celebrations in the Boardroom that accommodates up to 20 guests, to grand events in the Palmer Suite, seating up to 200 guests, the hotel caters to varying requirements. The ceremonial event can be held in the tranquility of the hotel’s lovely gardens, providing a beautiful natural backdrop for photographs. The added benefit of on-site accommodation makes it convenient for guests as the hotel boasts 20 luxury rooms with pristine facilities. An experienced team of wedding coordinators provide assistance throughout, ensuring a smooth experience. The hotel also offers an array of dining options with a touch of gourmet to complete the celebratory mood. Grinkle Park Hotel essentially provides an all-encompassing wedding experience subtly blending elegance and comfort.

Award Winning Grinkle Park Hotel Wedding Photographer

I founded Emma Marie Photography in 2010, and since then, I’ve been offering portrait and wedding photography services in Guisborough and throughout North Yorkshire, including at Grinkle Park Hotel. My love for photography began in my teens and grew stronger after the birth of my daughter, Hannah, in 2007. To enhance my skills, I even studied Photoshop in college. Today, I treasure the moments I capture for my three daughters and clients. My eldest, Hannah, now 15, has been assisting me in wedding shoots since April 2022 and is showing great promise as a photographer.

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The History of Grinkle Park Hotel

Grinkle Park Hotel, located in the charming village of Easington, North Yorkshire has a rich history that dates back to the 19th century. Its origins trace back to 1881 when it was built as an opulent baronial mansion by Sir Alfred Palmer, a notable industrialist renowned for his work with the Huntley and Palmers biscuit company. The mansion boasted a splendid array of features including high ceilings, extravagant fireplaces, and large bay windows that caught the eye of many. Over the years, the grand mansion changed ownership and was eventually converted into a hotel. Today, Grinkle Park Hotel is a luxurious wedding venue surrounded by 35 acres of enchanting parklands and gorgeous gardens, which includes an exclusive lake, thus offering a romantic backdrop for that special day. While it features modern amenities, the Grinkle Park Hotel still maintains its original period features, carefully preserving the treasured history and grandeur that make it such a unique and outstanding venue for weddings and other special events.

How To Find Grinkle Park Hotel

Grinkle Park Hotel, a premier wedding venue, is nestled within the idyllic countryside setting of Easington, in the heart of the North Yorkshire Moors National Park. Surrounded by 3,000 acres of tranquil parkland and a privately owned estate, it is situated between Whitby and Saltburn-by-the-Sea. This secluded location makes the venue a perfect setting for destination weddings. The picturesque views, historic charm, and serene atmosphere encapsulate everything a countryside wedding venue should offer. The coordinates 54.5357° N, 0.8093° W precisely pinpoint this breathtaking location on the map.

About Easington

Easington is a small, picturesque town situated in the heart of North Yorkshire, England. Known for its lush landscapes and historical landmarks, it demonstrates quintessential aspects of British rural life. The town is characterised by an array of traditional stone cottages, a charming parish church and fertile farming lands that contribute to its rustic appeal. It is enveloped by moorland and rolling fields, which create stunning vistas. The town’s history dates back to the Viking era, and its rich cultural heritage is reflected in local customs and architecture. Despite its modest size, Easington offers a plethora of cultural opportunities and outdoor activities, including exhibitions at local museums and scenic hiking trails, making it a favored destination for both locals and tourists. With a warm, welcoming community that treasures its historical roots, Easington remains true to its charm and successfully evokes a sense of stepping back in time.

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The significant factors to consider when choosing a wedding photographer at Grinkle Park Hotel include the photographer’s style and portfolio, their experience, particularly with weddings, and their familiarity with the venue. You should also consider their pricing and packages, their personality and professionalism, and their reviews and recommendations from former clients.


While Grinkle Park Hotel is a beautiful venue year-round, many couples prefer the warmer months due to the stunning outdoor opportunities. This should also influence the choice of a wedding photographer, as a photographer with solid expertise in natural light photography would be best for an outdoor wedding. In contrast, for a winter wedding at Grinkle Park Hotel, one may need a photographer skilled in indoor and low-lighting scenarios.


Hiring a local wedding photographer for your wedding at Grinkle Park Hotel could be a good choice. A local photographer will know the best locations and times for photos at Grinkle Park Hotel. Furthermore, they may be more familiar with ambient lighting, local weather patterns, and seasonal trends, which can significantly contribute to the quality of your wedding photos.

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