Wynyard Golf Club Wedding Photographer

Wynyard Golf Club Wedding Photography

Are you looking for a professional photographer to cover your wedding at Wynyard Golf Club in County Durham? Hi, I’m Emma Marie, and I’ve written this guide to introduce myself as a Wynyard Golf Club wedding photographer.

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Weddings at Wynyard Golf Club

Wynyard Golf Club in Stockton-on-Tees is a majestic setting for wedding ceremonies and receptions. The venue incorporates picturesque landscapes that make for unforgettable photograph backdrops, marrying the charm of the English countryside with elegance. Featuring various function rooms, couples can choose between the Wellington Suite, which can host up to 120 guests, and the more intimate Dukes Suite for smaller parties. Surrounded by a stunning landscaped golf course, the venue is licensed for civil ceremonies to be held on-site, providing convenience for the couple and their guests. In terms of accommodation, the Wynyard Golf Club offers the quaint Duke’s Cottage for bridal party preparations and the Cedarwood Lodges for guests, combining rustic appeal with modern amenities. The club also has ample parking facilities ensuring smooth and stress-free arrivals and departures. Outstanding culinar y offerings tailored to each wedding, coupled with professional and friendly service, ensure an exceptional experience at the Wynyard. Whether opting for a grand celebration or a more intimate affair, the Wynyard Golf Club promises a bespoke wedding experience tailored to every couple’s dream.

Award Winning Wynyard Golf Club Wedding Photographer

I founded Emma Marie Photography in 2010, and since then, I’ve been offering portrait and wedding photography services in Guisborough and throughout County Durham, including at Wynyard Golf Club. My love for photography began in my teens and grew stronger after the birth of my daughter, Hannah, in 2007. To enhance my skills, I even studied Photoshop in college. Today, I treasure the moments I capture for my three daughters and clients. My eldest, Hannah, now 15, has been assisting me in wedding shoots since April 2022 and is showing great promise as a photographer.

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The History of Wynyard Golf Club

Wynyard Golf Club, situated in the enchanting locale of Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, boasts an illustrious history as a premier wedding venue. Established in the early 1990s, the club was constructed as part of the Wynyard estate, a historic parkland that once belonged to the Marquesses of Londonderry. As it grew in prestige, Wynyard Golf Club’s expansive grounds, stately venue and exceptional service soon caught the eye of prospective couples looking for a unique wedding location. In its rich history, the venue has played host to hundreds of romantic and lavish weddings, each one unique and memorable in its own right. The unforgettable combination of the Club’s English charm, complemented with stunning views of the surrounding woodland and lake, continues to solidify Wynyard Golf Club’s reputation as an ideal wedding destination. Over time, it has ceaselessly enriched the nuptials of countless couples, providing a picturesque backdrop that encourages the creation of wonderful memories. The club’s dedication to tailored, personal service remains ingrained in its philosophy, echoing its commitment to making every wedding a cherished event.

How To Find Wynyard Golf Club

Wynyard Golf Club is a renowned and extraordinary wedding venue nestled within the idyllic town of Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham, England. It is located amid a verdant parkland golf course, exuding an air of tranquillity and elegance. This remarkable venue is conveniently situated approximately eight miles to the north-west of the bustling town centre, providing easy accessibility for guests. Its strategic location combines the serenity and charm of a picturesque countryside setting with the convenience of being close to urban amenities. Wynyard Golf Club offers a beautiful and relaxed environment for any memorable wedding event.

About Stockton-on-Tees

Stockton-on-Tees, commonly known as Stockton, is a significant market town located in County Durham, Northern England. Situated in the northeast, on the River Tees, Stockton encompasses an area of 20.73 square kilometers and boasts a relatively large population of approximately 85,000 inhabitants. The town is renowned for its rich historical heritage, predominantly marked by the iconic Stockton and Darlington Railway, the world’s first passenger railway. The railway’s legacy positions Stockton as a pioneer venue of the industrial revolution. The town’s character is also shaped by thriving traditional markets, a vibrant retail sector, and impressive architectural treasures. Notable landmarks include the iconic Infinity Bridge and the world’s widest High Street. The town also provides an array of recreational venues such as the ARC Stockton Arts Centre, Preston Park, and numerous festivals, notably the Stockton International Riverside Festival, contributing to a spirited cultural scene. Stockton’s socio-economic profile is further enhanced by the presence of burgeoning technology and engineering industries.

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The significant factors to consider when choosing a wedding photographer at Wynyard Golf Club include the photographer’s style and portfolio, their experience, particularly with weddings, and their familiarity with the venue. You should also consider their pricing and packages, their personality and professionalism, and their reviews and recommendations from former clients.


While Wynyard Golf Club is a beautiful venue year-round, many couples prefer the warmer months due to the stunning outdoor opportunities. This should also influence the choice of a wedding photographer, as a photographer with solid expertise in natural light photography would be best for an outdoor wedding. In contrast, for a winter wedding at Wynyard Golf Club, one may need a photographer skilled in indoor and low-lighting scenarios.


Hiring a local wedding photographer for your wedding at Wynyard Golf Club could be a good choice. A local photographer will know the best locations and times for photos at Wynyard Golf Club. Furthermore, they may be more familiar with ambient lighting, local weather patterns, and seasonal trends, which can significantly contribute to the quality of your wedding photos.

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