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Whinstone View Wedding Photography

Are you looking for a professional photographer to cover your wedding at Whinstone View in North Yorkshire? Hi, I’m Emma Marie, and I’ve written this guide to introduce myself as a Whinstone View wedding photographer.

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Weddings at Whinstone View

Whinstone View, situated in the idyllic town of Great Ayton, offers an enchanting venue for weddings filled with charm and character. The venue provides a picture-perfect setting, blending natural beauty with superb amenities for an unforgettable wedding ceremony and reception. Whinstone View features a range of comprehensive facilities that accommodate all wedding needs. The ceremony is expertly held at the rustic barn, furnished with exposed beams and twinkling fairy lights, creating a magical ambiance. Adjacent to this, you’ll find the function room, suitable for both intimate gatherings and larger celebrations, commanding spectacular, panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. The venue also provides luxurious onsite accommodation, designed with style and comfort in mind. Individual luxury log cabins and a uniquely designed Loft with a private hot tub add to the charm of this venue, ensuring the couple and their guests enjoy a relaxed, comfortable stay. The staff at Whinstone View are experienced and dedicated, offering impeccable service to ensure a seamless and memorable wedding day. Thus, Whinstone View, with its perfect blend of rustic charm and modern facilities, guarantees a one-of-a-kind wedding experience.

Award Winning Whinstone View Wedding Photographer

I founded Emma Marie Photography in 2010, and since then, I’ve been offering portrait and wedding photography services in Guisborough and throughout North Yorkshire, including at Whinstone View. My love for photography began in my teens and grew stronger after the birth of my daughter, Hannah, in 2007. To enhance my skills, I even studied Photoshop in college. Today, I treasure the moments I capture for my three daughters and clients. My eldest, Hannah, now 15, has been assisting me in wedding shoots since April 2022 and is showing great promise as a photographer.

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The History of Whinstone View

Whinstone View is a splendid wedding venue tucked away in the quaint village of Great Ayton, North Yorkshire. The venue has a fascinating history, showcasing transformation and growth over the years. Early on, Whinstone View was a simple working farm surrounded by an exquisite countryside view and rich, lush farmlands. Recognizing its picturesque setting, the owners decided to convert the farm buildings into luxury lodges in the late 1990s, aiming to attract people eager for a peaceful retreat from the city. They added a bar and bistro soon after, where guests could enjoy gourmet food and exquisite wines. Throughout the 2000s, Whinstone View evolved to become a sought-after wedding venue, offering a stylish marquee, and a majestic barn, purposely renovated for ceremonies, with rural surroundings as the perfect backdrop, exuding an ambiance of romance. Today, Whinstone View holds its heritage at its core, while providing modern amenities, combining its rustic charm with sophistication, making it an idyllic location for a couple’s dream wedding.

How To Find Whinstone View

Whinstone View is a picturesque wedding venue nestled in the heart of North Yorkshire, in the quaint village of Great Ayton. Situated in a serene valley of the Cleveland Hills, it offers a tranquil backdrop that is surrounded by scenic beauty. It is easily accessible via main transportation routes including the A19 highway. Its geographical coordinates are approximately 54.5061° N, 1.1297° W. Remarkably located, Whinstone View’s mix of rural tranquility and accessibility is irresistibly unique, making it an idyllic setting for those seeking a destination wedding venue in the stunning landscapes of North Yorkshire.

About Great Ayton

Great Ayton is a charming village located in the Hambleton district of North Yorkshire, England. Known for its picturesque scenery, the idyllic locale boasts a rich history and serves as the childhood home of renowned British explorer, Captain James Cook. Great Ayton is nestled at the foot of the Cleveland Hills, ensconced by delightful stone buildings, two anglican churches, and the iconic Roseberry Topping. The River Leven flows through the heart of the village, enhancing its pastoral appeal. Other points of interest include the Captain Cook Schoolroom Museum and an authentic replica of Cook’s cottage, transported from Australia. The village also maintains a strong community spirit, hosting numerous traditional events and festivals annually. In addition to its historical and leisure attributes, Great Ayton offers high-standard educational facilities, including a prominent Quaker school. Its balance of tranquillity and vibrancy make this village an attractive destination for both residents and visitors.

People Also Ask


The significant factors to consider when choosing a wedding photographer at Whinstone View include the photographer’s style and portfolio, their experience, particularly with weddings, and their familiarity with the venue. You should also consider their pricing and packages, their personality and professionalism, and their reviews and recommendations from former clients.


While Whinstone View is a beautiful venue year-round, many couples prefer the warmer months due to the stunning outdoor opportunities. This should also influence the choice of a wedding photographer, as a photographer with solid expertise in natural light photography would be best for an outdoor wedding. In contrast, for a winter wedding at Whinstone View, one may need a photographer skilled in indoor and low-lighting scenarios.


Hiring a local wedding photographer for your wedding at Whinstone View could be a good choice. A local photographer will know the best locations and times for photos at Whinstone View. Furthermore, they may be more familiar with ambient lighting, local weather patterns, and seasonal trends, which can significantly contribute to the quality of your wedding photos.

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